How to play Bakugan Contribute by Xuan and Meng Chau





  • To play the game you'll need at the minimum the Bakugan Gate Card and Bakugan Battle Brawler. Each Brawlers will have different g power and attribute that determine the color of the Brawlers.


4 Types of Gate Cards:

Normal Card

Character Card

Command Card

Ability Card


  • Each player has 3 gate cards. [all Gate cards are inlayed with metal except Ability] Each player will also have 3 ability cards and 3 bakugan. The cards have a ?used pile?, and they have an ?unused pile?. Cards in the used pile can not be used again. Each player puts an unused card on the ?field? touching the top side.


  • The youngest player goes first, and goes counterclockwise.


  • This is a multiplayer game with  2 to 4 players. Each player stands face to face outside a square area called the field. When ready to play, each player says ?Field Open!?


Playing the game:


  • Each player start by placing one of their Gate cards in front of their opponent, with the Bakugan logo facing up, while saying ?Gate Card ? Set!?. The player whose turn it is chooses a Bakugan and says ?Bakugan - Brawl!? , then rolls one of his unused Bakugan brawler at the Gate cards in the field.


  • If he/she missed a card (does not pop open standing on Gate Card), then their turn ends and other player take over.


  • If he/she land two Brawlers on a single Gate Card, then they automatically win the Gate Card and keep the Brawlers.


  • If one player has all of there own bakugan on the field, they must choose one of them and call stay. But if one of the opponent?s bakugan is already on the card your bakugan is on, you automatically capture that card and the bakugan on it. Once two bakugan on different teams lands on a same card, then they battle!


  • First, they flip over the card they are on. The power bonuses are added according to there color. At the bottom of the card, there will also be a command. For example, a card is flipped over. It is called, ?G power swap?. The bonuses are added. At the bottom it Sais, the bakugan have there G power swapped. They do this. After this is done, the bakugan with the most G power wins the round.


G power rating + G power boost = Total G power


  • If the G power is the same, it is called a tie brawl. He\she that has won takes the opponent?s bakugan and the card they are on. If a player happens to knock of the opponent?s bakugan off the card but stays on the card itself, the player automatically wins the round. In case of a tie brawl, each player takes there bakugan off the field. They try shooting there bakugan onto a gate card. The first player to roll and stand on a gate card wins. Once a player has no bakugan or gate cards left to play, the game ends. For every bakugan that was defeated, it is worth 100 HSP points. The players add up there own HSP points. The player with the most HSP points wins. By the way, during a battle, 1 ability card can be played from each player to boost there G power.



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